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My name is Jessica, but I go by quite a few names: Aria, Jasminvine, Snowy, Koneko/White Koneko, & Neko.
TSC--Matthias-meowing by DevilsRealm

FaceBook: Given only to close friends
DS Friend Code: Will post later

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Starting Amount: 1146
Previous Balance: 2406
Current Balance: 2311

-Past Additions-
20 Points - Create A New Cat(3 new kits, 1 adult)
20 Points - Having kits(2 litters)
20 Points - Clan Art
20 Points - Journal Skin
15 Points - Complete Memes
5 Points - Gathering
-100 Points - Cat over the limit
20 Points - Clan Art(16 pics)
20 Points - Create A New Cat
-100 Points - Cat Over Limit
20 Points - Create A New Cat
10 Points - Take Part In Event
80 Points - Create A Header(7 banners)
95 Points - Clan Art(19 Pieces)
20 Points - Litter of Kittens(2 Litters)
-500 Points - Kitty Rebirth(1 cat)
5 Points - Having kits(FogXLily)
5 Points - Having kits(GentleX???)
5 Points - Having kits(DimXDove)
5 Points - Having kits(ArtemisXGab)
5 Points - Having kits(HeatherXRiver)
60 Points - Complete Memes(4)
200 Points - Clan Art(10 pieces)
20 Points - Take Part In Event(2)
5 Points - Gathering
10 Points - Rank Up(Zircon/Viperpaw)
10 Points - Rank Up(Brighteyes)
10 Points - Rank Up(Frosteyes)
10 Points - Rank Up(Quietnight)
15 Points - Create Meme
60 Points - Create A Header(7)
120 Points - Clan Art(6)
5 Points - Creating a Cat for the Claws
5 Points - Create new Cat
120 Points - Create Journal Skin(6)
10 Points - Create Header
10 Points - Rank Up(Asterkit)
10 Points - Rank Up(Raccoonkit)
10 Points - Rank Up(Warmkit)

45 Points - Clan Art(9 pieces)
30 Points - Complete Meme
-100 Points - Cat over the limit
5 Points - Creating a Cat for the Claws
5 Points - Create new Cat

-Current Additions-
500 Points - Member for a year
10 Points - Rank Up(Sleetpaw)
10 Points - Rank Up(Fallingpaw)
5 Points - Having kits(BrightXShrouded)
5 Points - Enter Contest(founding leaders)
100 Points - Create Header(10X)
30 Points - Take Part In Event(x3)
175 points - Clan Art(x35)
-100 Points - Cat over the limit
5 Points - Create new Cat

Total: 835

-Previous Purchases-
Item Bought: Create A Cat Over Limit(100 Points)
Item Bought: Create A Cat Over Limit(100 Points)
Item bought: Kitty Rebirth(500 Points)
Item Bought: Create A Cat Over Limit(100 Points)
Item Bought: Create A Cat Over Limit(100 Points)

Item Bought: Create A Cat Over Limit(100 Points)
  • Mood: Amazed
  • Listening to: Epic Japanese Music
  • Reading: Survivors
  • Watching: Anime
  • Playing: PokePark
  • Eating: Begals~!
  • Drinking: Coca-cola

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Tsuki-Taiyo Featured By Owner 22 minutes ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! I love your amazing art~ :heart:
I wandet to ask, if you do point commissions/art trades/requets! :meow:
Because it's my birthday and I'd love to get maaany pictures of my characters~ :la:
So, could you tell me if you could draw something for me? I have also some points, so, I can pay you, or we can do an art trade! :D

Greetings, Shani
Hawkpelt22 Featured By Owner 15 hours ago
Jessica, I've made my first animated screenshot on the Song of Time game. Should I make more like that, even for the Hero of Twilight game?
x-Paradise015 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Is there any chance you could link me your commission prices, so I could have some help setting up my group? 
AriaSnow Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Group Banner Set = 500
Map = 900
Icon = 100
Mistyfur5 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Your really good at those application sheets. Wish I was that good. (Teach me your ways. Lol)
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